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"I can grab a bulls balls..."

You guys remember that movie "Never Been Kissed"?

I'm NOTORIOUS for watching movies over and over again. I can't explain why most of the time I prefer to watch a movie I've seen 100 times before than watch a brand new one.

(by the way as we get better acquainted, you'll learn that I tend to go off on a tangent from time to time...)

Anyway, what I was getting at was the following quote - "I can grab a bulls balls."

It turns out Josie was on to something. All jokes aside, this quote is genius.

If you want to be successful, you really do have to be aggressive and grab life by the balls!


So, I want to be a singer right?

I'm determined to make a living from what I love most in this world; music.

And it always rattles my brain when people say, "oh it's really hard to make it in that field" or "don't you want to have a real job?"

Isn't it really hard to get into any field that's truly going to help you provide for yourself and your family though?

Isn't it really hard to become anything that you've ever dreamed of being? Whether that be a doctor, nurse, psychologist, dancer, acrobat, graphic designer, mixologist, producer, engineer, real estate agent, chef or WHATEVER???

All of you reading this post right now - you're probably out there busting your butt day in and day out trying to make something of yourselves.

And isn't doing something that allows you to live the kind of lifestyle you want and to provide for yourself and your family considered a "real job"?

I must be missing something here!

All of you 20 somethings, those of you that are 30 flirty and thriving

(another great movie on my repeat reel...)

Even someone who is barely discovering their passion at 40 even 50 years old! Whatever it is that we want, we have to work hard to get it.

And as long as you're determined, I really don't believe anything can stand in your way. Now, I'm putting my own thoughts to the test.

The point is, and as an ending to this - my very first blog post; finding what you want to dedicate your life to is not an easy task. It's actually really scary at times, and getting discouraged is sometimes inevitable. But the worst thing to do in those moments of uncertainty is to throw in the towel, or find a safe place to hide so you won't have to face the vast and endless world around you.

Yes, the struggle really IS REAL.

But in my opinion, anyone that's found success has struggled to get there. No matter what field or industry; success only goes hand in hand with hard work. So if you're going to work hard, might as well make sure you really enjoy the gains.

Till next time,

XO - A.

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